What I Can Do For You

At the heart of each client’s success is the conviction that they can make new decisions. My role is to support the coachees while they explore new options and choices and become skilled at executing them. I don’t consult or advise. I don’t persuade. I listen and enable the coachee to develop and own their solutions.

Total trust and confidentiality underpin the relationship. However I believe it is the empathy between the Coach and Coachee that creates the right relationship necessary for change. The process of change can be difficult and uncomfortable – yet once the determination is there to succeed, the rewards are infinite. There is no pre-set formula for this change but it does take courage.

My approach can be direct and challenging at times which brings a sharp focus to our sessions and enables you to confront and deal with the key issues. The benefits of this approach quickly helps you to act on the challenges you have identified.

The practicalities. Defining clear objectives that meet the outcomes you want is the basis of each session. Six two-hour sessions is the initial contract. Most clients find this is the right amount of time.

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